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Chalkboard Chic (Bridal Shower Invitation)

There’s something oh-so-charming about chalkboard details…..  The trendsetting block font is the perfect way to set the stage for a whimsical event.  These designs can really be fun!   You can start with the invitation and carry the popular chalkboard theme throughout your entire event by incorporating chalkboard elements in the decor. This invite will represent your personality and give the event a very personal feel.

Below is a sample of one.  You can purchase this invite at

Wedding Invitation_Chaulkboard


Wedding Invitation Belly Bands

This was the year of the bellyband!  You can add your own personal touch to your wedding invitations, response cards and enclosure cards with an elegant bellyband accessory.  You can choose your color, add your monogram or names, and include your wedding date. Belly bands are a beautiful way to package your wedding stationery together and delight your guests when they receive them.

Bellyband invite

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Pocketfold with glitter belly band

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Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be custom designed to just about any shape that you can desire.   One trend that’s becoming very popular is custom cut wedding invitations. Many brides love matching their stationery to the dress, wedding cake, etc.

Custom cut wedding invitations are more visually appealing, unique and memorable. Custom cut wedding invites adds a certain level of sophistication and elegance to wedding invitation.  Custom cut accents can make the difference between   so-so wedding invitations and ones that the people who receive them end up keeping as a memento for the rest of their lives.

See more invites like these at


 Victorian cut              Custom cut invite


Fall Themed Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding can be so beautiful. The Fall season brings the changing of the leaves, a cool crisp air and warm colors. Wedding colors such as deep oranges, vibrant reds, browns, and yellows can all be incorporated in the decor. Feel free to incorporate apples, pumpkins, or even branches to incorporate Fall elements into your decor!

Below are some sample Fall wedding invitations to help with inspiration:  Feel free to shop at

Wedding Invitation_wood&red daisy

Invitations as low as 1.50 each

Wedding Invitation_Fall

Invitations as low as 1.50 each

Wedding Invitation_Stained maroon

Invitations as low as 1.50 each

How much are Invitations?

Wedding invitations can be a large expense or can be affordable, depending on your creativity and budget. Wedding invitations can range from $1.50 each to $25.00 or more each. It all depends on the type of paper, if you’re getting high-end printing (such as engraving or letterpress), tri-folds and bi-folds, pocket style invitations, and embellishments. The extras, such as bows and extra layers of paper can really add up. If you want to save money on your invites, it’s best to keep it simple. Another way you can save is to have guests RSVP to a website, an email address or phone number rather than sending a reply card back. This saves on the cost of the actual invitation as well as on the postage.


Save the Dates as low as 1.50 each


Wedding Invitations as low as 1.50 each.


Baby Shower Invitations as low as 1.50 each.

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Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

Looking to have a peacock themed wedding?  Let us help you set the tone, by designing your peacock themed wedding stationery.  Peacock Feathers continue to be the most popular accent for wedding invitations.  Your wedding will be unique and YOU!  It is possible to have an elegant peacock wedding using the brilliant colors of the peacock feather as an accent on your invite. Having a peacock themed wedding is a way to step away from a traditional setting and make the wedding more personalized and fun. From invitations, decorations, thank you cards, and even your wedding programs; we can help you from start to finish.

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